Plants are your allies in health. At Elemental Wellness, we believe that the natural world has provided everything we need to life a life of optimal health. Plant medicine and herbal medicine is medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine is an elegant way to maximize the potency of plant medicine while simultaneously limiting and balancing some of the less desirable effects of treating the body using exogenous (not of the body) chemicals (in this case, phytochemical or plant chemicals). Many Western pharmaceutical medicines have extracted and highly refined some of the individual chemicals from plants and generally address a very narrow range of symptoms for a therapeutic effect. This means that many people find they must take multiple medicines for each of their problems: some to treat symptoms and some to treat side-effects. In Western herbal traditions, most herbs are used in what is called a “simple” which is another way of saying that individual herbs are taken on their own which can be both very effective and safe because many plants have their own balanced cocktail of chemical constituents. Chinese herbal medicine takes this process one step further and uses anywhere from 4 to 10+ herbs in a formula to treat a constellation of symptoms. The herbs are chosen both for their therapeutic value in addressing symptoms and also sometimes their ability to balance the negative side effects of other herbs in the formula. The end result is both targeted, potent and safe when prescribed by a trained herbalist.

Herbal medicine as an integral part of your healing. We are skilled in the use and combination of hundreds of herbs both Chinese and Western and how they interact with pharmaceutical medicine. You can feel safe knowing we are here to advise you.