Elemental | eləˈmen(t)l | adjective | 1. primary or basic: elemental features from which all other structures are compounded. 2. related to or embodying the powers of nature your wellbeing is ELEMENTAL
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Elemental Wellness is a global holistic health brand offering acupuncture, herbal medicine and education in both the US and the UK. We are currently operating clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area and Argyll, Scotland.

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Elemental Wellness

We are highly trained professionals with the goal of using acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to help people suffering from chronic pain and illness.

Dr. Beth Walker Gram, DACM is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, a member of the ATCM in the UK and NCCAOM in the US. She loves living in Argyll, babies, good conversation, classic R&B, making things and dancing in the rain.

She qualified with a bachelors degree in theatre and dance from University of California Santa Cruz before pursuing a career in not-for-profit professional theatre administration. After becoming a mother to two amazing daughters, she received her doctoral degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from ACTCM at CIIS. She has spent the last 15 years studying nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture and lifestyle based holistic wellness. During that time she studied pediatrics and obstetrics with the inimitable acupuncturist and midwife Raven Lang, oncology with Dr. Erlene Chiang, Qi Gong with Dr. LiPing Zhu, the eight extraordinary meridians, Shang Han Lun, Wen Bing & Jin Gui Yao Lue with some of the most respected lecturers in China and the US. Her mission is helping patients of all ages attain their optimum health.

A talented strategist and a good listener, she is fearless in the pursuit of unique solutions. From raising exceptional children to protecting the environment to discovering forgotten wisdom about life and living. She is passionate about maternity care, pediatric wellness, auto-immune disorders and chronic illness.

Elemental Wellness was founded in 2009 in response to the decline of education and personal patient attention in the modern medical standard of care. Its mission, “to educate, empower and heal” is born of a community committed to taking back control of their wellness. It is a family business now operating in both the UK and the US, the five year strategic plan includes the pursuit of additional subsidiaries in Europe.

Our business model is ecologically minded and patient focused. We operate practically plastic-free using only renewable energy and reducing waste wherever we can. We take our responsibility to the planet seriously and truly believe that responsibly utilizing the natural resources of our eco-system with locally sourced organic food and plant medicine is the way forward. We are working toward integrating traditional local medicine with locally produced Chinese plant medicine to generate more sustainable access to these powerful sources of health.

As patients continue to request better explanations about their health and how their lifestyle choices affect overall well-being, it is clear that education needs to be a priority to really make a difference in people’s lives. We offer both free and paid educational opportunities for patients of all ages and are working toward expanding professional educational opportunities locally.

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