Can we do this remotely?

We use a private telemedicine tool, an electronic health record (EHR) and online services to fill herb and supplement recommendations.

How long will it take?

We tell patients that it will take 1 month of treatment for every year they have had symptoms. Some heal quicker than others and results are usually more dramatic at the beginning of a course of treatment. Appointments last 45-90 minutes.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture needles trigger electrical and chemical cascade processes in your body that allow it to more freely return to its goal of homeostasis.

What does it feel like?

What does it fee like? There are many different sensations that a person may experience when having acupuncture. Needle insertion is commonly painless although you may feel a brief pinch that quickly subsides once the needle is in place. You may also feel tingling, heaviness, warmth or nothing at all. If you are feeling something unexpected or uncomfortable, you should inform the doctor so that an adjustment can be made and you can enjoy the rest of your treatment.

Who can benefit?

Everyone can benefit! Acupuncture and traditional medicine excel at keeping people healthy and easing the symptoms of chronic illness.