Sometimes you gotta go big or go home…

Go Big or Go home: a COVID story

When the pandemic hit California and the clinic closed to in person patients. I’m not gonna lie, I was grateful for the break. Launching a new practice is hard and while we were having success, I was being pulled in what felt like a million different directions and I was nearing burn out.

There were so many ideas moving around in my head I couldn’t focus on any of them even though most of them felt really rewarding. I realized that if this was gonna work it would have to work my way. And lets be honest…I’m a “go big or go home” kind of girl.

Luckily I was surrounded by a community of colleagues and patients that believe in what we’re doing here and their support for this vision spurred me on.

When COVID threatened the practice, we didn’t just pivot by expanding our services to offer telemedicine to patients, hiring new acupuncturists to handle in person patient visits and launching a new educational platform. We doubled down and said now is the time to take this global. And here we are, poised to empower people all over the world.

So even though we spent most of it in our pajamas; when someone asks “What did you do during the pandemic?” the answer is going to be, “I started a multi-national corporation!”


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