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Ten Questions of Chinese Medicine

Foundations: Diagnosis Series – 10 Questions

Join me for a half-hour walk through how we begin to get back in touch with what our bodies are telling us. Many of us spend our lives ignoring the signals and messages that our bodies and brains send out. It isn’t until you’re in the doctors office and can’t find the answers to their mysterious questions that you realize how much you’ve under appreciated the beautiful biology of your body. I’ll take your through a few of the 10 questions of a traditional Chinese medicine intake and we’ll discuss what this information is saying to me as regards diagnosis and how you can use that knowledge to help yourself.

Part 1 in our new series of talks on diagnosis and health in TCM.

In case you missed our talk this week, here is the first installment in which Beth talks about the “10 questions” of a traditional Chinese medicine intake interview.

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